Aloha Freeks!!!

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Tis I, 1/3 of The White Trash Trinity, otherwise known as The Punk Shack, Nanuk Gildea (or Nuk). I have made my first ourfit, geesh get off my back Tea & Doc it’s done, andI am blogging it. The outfit is called Faux Neko, and its for the feline in you, without the connitment to self grooming, or the addiction to Catnip. It comes with Warmers, Leggings, Stockings, a Top, and A Knit Cap All that can be yours for $150 Lind, and you can find us on Ohana Isle, next to stinky Eolandes….:P   O and heres a picture of the product, modeled by White Trash Diva, Dylann….meeerrrrrooowwwwwwww


Stocking clad legs

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We have some new stockings out now at the Shack!  2 styles to choose from and both styles come in the shack colours – so you will be spoilt for choice!

Punky Stars have 1 leg with a broad stripe down and the other leg has punky mesh stars on. 


Ne Small Stripe have, like the name suggests, small stripes down 1 leg.  The other leg has paw prints and mesh heats.

50L a pair or you can grab each set in the fat pack and get a bonus rainbow pair for free!  They are out now, near the loos in Punk Shack.

Oh yeah – It’s Hunt Time!

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Hello everyone out in blog land.  Today is the start of our monthly hunt on Ohana Isle.  Over 40 items are sparkling yumminess are hidden all over Ohana and our neighbouring island Moawii.  They are all free and all yours if you can find them.  It is on all week until the 3rd August – so plenty of time to find them all.

As we are in the throws of summer, we could only have a beach theme. Then we got carried away with a Baywatch gesture and got some Hoff mania.  So enjoy your hunting, enjoy your goodies, and don’t blame us if you end up humming the Baywatch theme tune all day 😀

Baywatch Punks are from left to right:

Tea Panhandle, Nanuk Gildea, Eolande Elvehjem, Aabbi Rhodes, Docsisle Magellan

Seeing Stars

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There once was a Fairy named Tink
Who got an idea in a wink
She passed me some photos
Said “Go to it Mo’Fo”
That adorable Fairy named Tink….

OK, that’s not quite how it happened – but it did all start with Tink (who is much better known as Eolande ;)).  Tink is a U2 freak.  That is to say, she loves all things U2.  So, a while back she said “Hey Tea, make me a Bono Jacket right now!” (Hmmmm, well maybe she just said, “Hey Tea, you know what would be a great idea for a jacket – a Bono jacket!”).  She sent me a bunch of photo’s of the jackets she liked – and I totally ignored them… for at least a few months. 

Then, one day, I was looking through the junk I have in my Photoshop folder and find the photos.  “Hmmm”, I thought. “I remember these.”  And with the Tink in mind, I set about making a jacket – very very loosely inspired a couple of Bono ones. 

It has been languishing in my inventory for ooo about 2 months – I made it when we were still in the baby Shack – but at last, I have done some photos and got it up in the Shack!  Hope y’all like it!

Boot To The Head!!!!!!!

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Aloha Freeks, tis me one of the White Trash Trinity, I am here to let you know whats the haps….Boots, yes we have boots, First the Cobra Commanders have been reduced in price, and now the new ones;

Union Of The Snake, color change in all 9 punk shack colors


 Then We have Cherry Bomb



And Finaly Space Oddity (with Their Own Solar System)


There you go freaks, thanks for listening, See Ya-Nuk

Hats and Straps

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Tea here.  I am no where near as good at blogging as the wonderful Nuk, but hey, we all have to do our bit eh?

Anyways, we have a couple of new stuffage at the Shack today.  First up is a very awesome Hat made by the wonderful Doc – (yeah, I am still working on getting her to blog too ;))  It is a cowboy hat with a skull and crossbones on the front.  The hat is not only stylingly stylish but it is also colour change – so you can wear it with anything!  All 9 Shack colours are programed in.

You can find the hat in the Punk Shack, on our hat stands just near the door into Eolande’s.

Up next, we have a new top for the ladies (yeah, I know, we need more guy stuff – and it is coming :)) Called Lace Strap it is a cute tank top with some lacey, fishnetty, strappy kinda stuff going on.  In all 9 Shack colours, you can buy then singularly or in the fat pack.

You can find the Lace Strap on one of the Saw Horses in the Punk Shack now!

What’s Up Freeks!!!!!

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Tis I, one third of the White Trash Trinity, Nanuk. I wanted to let you know of some new crap that went up in the shack this weekend, yes I have no life, although I did see The Hulk….Nuk SMASH!!!!! ok back to work here you go;

The Cobra Commander Boot (Acid Shown), Right Now It Comes In Acid, White Trash & Damned

The Super Nova Body Stocking, Comes In All The Colors (Dead Wabbit Shown) Also Comes In Baby Fat Packs of 3

Tattoos, Old School Style For The Rocker In You, 2 Styles to Choose; Man’s Ruin, & Sacred Luck

And For You Cheap Bastards……;P

Also A New Bowler that color changes for The Neko In All Of Us, Called Ne Luv (Not Pictured)

Well you know where we are at, right next to Eolande’s, on Ohana Isle

That’s enough pimping by me, thanks for listening freeks, See Ya- Nuk