What’s Up Freeks!!!!!

Tis I, one third of the White Trash Trinity, Nanuk. I wanted to let you know of some new crap that went up in the shack this weekend, yes I have no life, although I did see The Hulk….Nuk SMASH!!!!! ok back to work here you go;

The Cobra Commander Boot (Acid Shown), Right Now It Comes In Acid, White Trash & Damned

The Super Nova Body Stocking, Comes In All The Colors (Dead Wabbit Shown) Also Comes In Baby Fat Packs of 3

Tattoos, Old School Style For The Rocker In You, 2 Styles to Choose; Man’s Ruin, & Sacred Luck

And For You Cheap Bastards……;P

Also A New Bowler that color changes for The Neko In All Of Us, Called Ne Luv (Not Pictured)

Well you know where we are at, right next to Eolande’s, on Ohana Isle

That’s enough pimping by me, thanks for listening freeks, See Ya- Nuk


~ by haolebydesign on June 15, 2008.

One Response to “What’s Up Freeks!!!!!”

  1. You’re making me hungry! You won’t like me when I’m hungry!

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