The All New Punk Shack!

When we put up our little Shack, we didn’t think we would out grow it so soon… but once the design bug hit us, we filled it pretty quickly.  Wondering where we were gonna put everything (not to mention how Doc was gonna find prims out of thin air) the ever wonderful Eolande Elvehjem (Accessories by Eolande and best island owner in the world, eva!) said “Take the back room”.  So, after much thought and talk – we decided that yup, we could move in and trash her store room 😉  We did need help though – and that came from Kamian Trescothick, Aussie Builder Extraordinaire.  He took our vision and made it a build… and then merrily helped us break it.  We opened officially last Friday and we all want to thank everyone who gave us ideas, helped trash and just hung out keeping us company.  You all totally Rock!


Interior 1

The broken Van

We also decided that as it was Eolande’s Back room, there should be some bogs… Kamian did an amazing job on them – he even installed a vampire mirror!

Punk Shack Bogs

So while you are doing the Ohana Isle Hunt, take a moment or 2 to chill out at our new build and have some fun.  You can find the Punk Shack Here


~ by Tori on June 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “The All New Punk Shack!”

  1. i’m already sorry. you guys are ruining my reputation.

  2. Bah, we are enhancing your darkside 😉 Muahahahaha!

  3. “enhancement”? is that what we’re calling it now?

    *tries to loosen her shackles*

  4. There is no point, we gave the key to Nuk, and he isn’t affected by your womanly wi…. ah crap – NUK! Give us the keys to the shackles back!!!

  5. too late!

    *wipes the cum off her chin*

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