The Dead did Dance!

Wow, that was such a fab party and opening up of our new location!  Thank you to everyone who dropped in and punk’d your socks off with us! Here are a few pics of the night, starting with our 3 winners of Punk Shack Goodies

Scariest Av of the night went to Monkey, who came with his wonderful wife Scotti

The funniest Av went to Queen – although by the time I got round to taking pictures, she had been so mortified that she won the funniest Av she changed into a fairy – and still tried to get us to believe she was innocent!

Here she is with our very own Nuk

And the sexiest Av went to the wonderful Aabbi Rhode – who owns Tree House Treasures.

And now for some random pics:

Me (DJ Tea)


Our Silent Partner

Roof top Dancing.

There are more – but I guess I should think about a flikr account eh?

Don’t forget too that the Hunt is still on until June 8th!  Have fun everyone 🙂


~ by Tori on June 2, 2008.

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