Dead Fish?

Woohoo! It is finally Hunt time on Ohana Isle!  And, as our obsession with fishing has taken over our very beings (so much so we actually put a fishing hole up on our sandbox ;)) the natural theme for this month is FISH and Fishing!  It starts tomorrow (that would be Friday 30th at Midnightish SL time) and will run for the entire week like usual.

And if it isn’t enough that we are having a hunt filled with awesomely fantastic original goodies that are all completely free – but the Shack is opening up in the back room of Eolande’s.  It got suitably trashed – well, Eolande was warned – and even houses the island bogs (that would be toilet to all those unfamiliar with the wonderful English term ;))  So, to celebrate what can we do but have a party on the roof! – Thanks Kam for indulging my vision!  Which is where the dead fish come in… well maybe not dead fish – more just dead :p  You hopefully saw Nuk’s awesome blogs in the last month so by now I hope you are ready to party with your deadest outfits!  The party will kick off at about 6pm SL time tomorrow.  So come and check out Kamian the Aussie Builder Extrodinaire’s new build – it totally rocks! – and party with the best of us!


~ by Tori on May 29, 2008.

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