This IM came to me last night!!!

<23:59>         the undead were coming to ohana isle, with an eta of 5.16.08; however we have stopped the insurrection.


<24:00>          we have seen agents of the undead lurking around ohana isle from the graveyards of Halloween 365, to the garden of Tea Monster, and even in the dumpster outside Eolande’s old store room, however with our efforts we feel we have successfully stopped the exodus


<24:00>          please advise the patrons of ohana that business will continue as…


<24:02>          what the…? this can’t be… but we


<24:05>         ????


<24:06>         this is not happening, the dead keep coming, I see more and…crap they saw me. I don’t know how long I can keep this up, our efforts have delayed the uprising, but for how long, if you don’t hear from me this means the…


<24:22>         to whomever is reading this; it seems we had your acquaintance for dinner, and some of us will have the rest of him for a snack later. His efforts may have delayed our uprising for a few weeks, but we swear to you by the end of this month The Dead Will Dance!!!!!!

I don’t know what this means? The profile from the one who sent it to me is either deleted or I can’t find it. Is it a joke? well whatever I just wanted to let you know that all is good on Ohana Isle, and come by to hang out, see the new Club 33, or even fish ala 7Seas. Well thanks for listening, Nuk


~ by haolebydesign on May 6, 2008.

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