Pinch, Punch, first of the month!

Good morning Shackers 🙂  Tea here.  I am bored, and SL deprived so thought I would share a hint of some news….

Punk Shack has grown and grown.  When Doc and I first started talking about it, I don’t think either of us thought how big it would possibly get…. then Nuk joined our ranks (oh am I glad Nuk did cos he is such an awesome hat designer!) and we then got our wonderful Silent Partner (go check out the shack and see if you can work out who it might be ;))  Well, as we have grown, our little shack has kinda got well, a bit little. Which means – yes we need a bigger one!  So stay tuned for more info cos we will be posting and hinting and then announcing 😀 Oh, and maybe keep mid May free for a PARTY!

Have a fabby day all you Shackers – don’t forget to head down to Ohana Isle and check out the newness in the shack and while you are there click the subscribe-o too!


~ by Tori on May 1, 2008.

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