We Put The Flash in Trash!!!!

Aloha freaks, tis I one of The White Trash Trinity, Nanuk Gildea. I am here to show you what every home should not be without (did that come out right?) Whatever I have made the perfect addition to everyones front lawn Its my line of White Trash or WT Furniture. First its the WT Front Porch Couch

Comes with 3 poses, Lazy Ass, Middle Monkey, & Heroin Chic.

Next its our set of Barrel Stools

Medical waste not want not!!!!

Then its our WT reading Table

This comes with Punk Rock Confiedtial, High Times, & Big Um’s

And Finaly we have the Bug Zapper Lamp

Flies included!!!!!!!


So head on over to The Punk Shack @ Ohana Isle

P.S. The Hunt is still going

See You Later Freaks, Nuk



~ by haolebydesign on April 16, 2008.

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