Spring is in the air……..awwww bugger

Aloha Freaks,tis I, one third of The White Trash Trinity Nanuk. (or for those so inclined Nuk) Well I am here to let you know about my newest editions to the Shack, located on Ohana Isle in SL. First we have “Spring Leaf” body stockings. They come in the whole run of Punk Shack colors; Acid(Pink), Atomic(Orange), Toxic(Green), Wabbit(Brown), Damned(Black), White Trash(Do I really Need To Tell You?), Hooligan(Blue), Bruiser(Purple) & Dead Wabbit(Red). Each Costs 50L or Baby Fat packs of 3 for 125L, that’s like getting one hal off. And when people see you in your sexy new body suit, you be getting the body suit ALL off, then getting it On…..awwwww yeah, you know what I am talking about <wink wink>. Any way I digress The baby fat packs come in the three following combos; 1) Toxic, Acid, & Atomic…2) Damned, White Trash, & Wabbit…3) Bruiser, Hooligan, & Dead Wabbit.

Here is Punkette Dylan in Acid, Bruiser, & Damned, and a Baby Fat Pack

Punkette Dylann in Acid

Also the newest lid for your noggin, it’s The Wonka. Comes complete with an everlasting gobstopper, Wonka bar, lolli pops, and the golden ticket. The Wonka is 150L

So get your asses to Ohana Isle, home to Eolande’s Hair Accesories, Tea Monster Clothing, Halloween 365, Abbi’s Arboreium (I just gave it a name becaue Abbi makes kick ass trees, I really don’t know if I spelled it right, but too tired to check), and your one and only Punk Shack

P.s. you didnt here it from me but another Ohana Isle Treasure Hunt starts Friday

                                                                                                            Thanks for listening, Nuk






~ by haolebydesign on April 7, 2008.

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