Dunked in what?

New hat at the Shack! 

So, I forced myself to sit down and play at making sculpties.  I was trying to make a cuff for my Bono Jacket (keep your eye out for that, it will be out soon ;)) but it came out as a hat type thing.  I played around, and decided that one of them just screamed to have a handle, saucer and spoon added to it! And somehow that ended up on my head :p

Its colour change to all the Punk Shack colours (see Nuk’s post here for the colours) and is set out at the Punk Shack with the other hats.

And in other news… the hunt info will be coming out in the next couple of days – lets just say, it starts on Friday and we have made a few changes to make it slightly easier 😉  All the details will be posted up before we start!

In the mean time – head on down to the Shack on Ohana Isle to snag some cewl stuff and join our subscribe-o!


~ by Tori on April 7, 2008.

One Response to “Dunked in what?”

  1. PING PONG !!!!!!

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