Skirts…. and a little trip to Fleet Street

So the shack is filling up.  Doc put out some fabulous jeans and an awesome Sweeney Todd inspired T-Shirt – that is unisex!

Isn’t it fab!  Scars and all 🙂

I have also put up some Plaid (yes, Doc won’t let me use the word tartan anymore ;)) skirts.  They come with two variations – with or without an underskirt and come with a belt that can be worn, or not worn.

I have red and blue up at the moment – and there is a green version (with the underskirt) in our lucky chair.

Coming shortly will be some T-Shirts from our newest collaberator, Nanuk Gildea.  He has some fabby designs and they WILL be blogged once he puts them in boxes!

You can find the Punk Shack on Ohana Isle

And, while you are reading.  Set a date aside for a party.  March 18th will be our launch party – starting at 6pm SLT.  It will be in the grounds of Halloween 365 and is sure to be a spookingly good time!


~ by Tori on March 11, 2008.

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