Punk Shack? What’s that then?

How the Punk Shack came about… well, 2 friends (Docsisle Magellan and Tea Panhandle) were discussing the direction they wanted to take their stores… and well, they decided they really wanted a separate space to actually sell some really cool Punk stuff.  So, Doc being Doc said “why don’t we have a Punk Shack?”

This has been brewing now for oooo I’d say nearly 2 months and after much procrastination, RL issues and general laziness on both parts we are nearly ready to launch!  The Shack is built on Doc’s Halloween 365 land, the amazing logo has been lovingly crafted by Doc and we are both frantically trying to get stuff made to fill the little hovel!

Punk Shack will be filled with goodies for women AND men! T-shirts, pants, skirts, tattoos and hair – and I am sure the weird and wonderful creations will not stop there!

We will be open for business very soon so keep checking back for a launch date! And, with it being on such a great party island – I am sure we will be partying it up when we do open!


~ by Tori on March 3, 2008.

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